Why was my ad account disabled after linking my card?

There are many factors that can trigger a Facebook ban, but you can avoid the problem by just making sure the following are okay.
From a client

When an account’s risk assessment fails, it is banned from all activities, including binding cards. So first of all, you need to know, what is the standard that Facebook uses to judge the quality of an account?
It depends on a range of factors.

  • Account quality

    Most users place advertisements through various BMs and individual accounts purchased on the market. The source of these accounts is not clear. Many accounts have been used by multiple users before they even reach the users. The accounts are on Facebook. The risk control weight is already very high, and operations that are a little more sensitive will be rejected. The most obvious one is that the card cannot be tied, and there is a balance in the card, but the actual payment cannot be made. In fact, the reason is caused by the problem of the account itself. Facebook has doubts about the account. Facebook’s own strategy is to suspend all business first and wait for the user to contact Facebook to solve it.

Solution: Buy high-quality accounts from professional sellers, not secondary sellers.
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  • IP risk control
    This is actually the most frequent, but the most easily overlooked problem by users. In the same IP segment, it seems to Facebook that there may be hundreds of accounts logging in and operating at the same time, which obviously does not conform to the operation logic of normal users. Facebook will adjust the risk control strategy for many accounts logged in with the same IP. Because a certain operation of one of the users triggers Facebook’s high-level risk control method, all accounts in the same IP segment will be affected more or less, making some operations that could be performed suddenly become impossible. Even if it is directly rejected, in severe cases, the account will be directly restricted or frozen.

Solution: use a clean private home ip, log in to one account per browser, not multiple

  • Card is disabled
    The other most common scenario is when Facebook detects that the current card has too many accounts tied to it, which is not allowed.


  • You’ll require two bank cards. 
  • Since you have already bonded a card and passed the risk payment, bind another card. It binds no problem but the error message will pop up again. 
  • Select the second card as the primary payment method. Facebook will place a temporary hold on the card and it’s all set!


In addition to a high-quality account, you need a stable login environment, both of which are indispensable.

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